We won’t get fooled again: Trump, Charlottesville and the American Dream

Hi, Nick, some words from Al Gore, and Noam Chomsky may alleviate the incredulity, a little. First off, I think that Al Gore is correct in his succinct analysis that American democracy has been hacked. Hacked, not by Russia, but by big money, and vested interests. Gore wants, like very, very many people, to solve the climate crisis. This is his mission, and why he leads the Climate Reality Project, with evangelica passion and eloquence, training thousands to carry on the work. But he knows that the solutions to fixing the climate crisis will need the USA and other countries to fix their democracies. Noam Chomsky, to whom I refer when I want to understand geopolitics, is utterly clear that the GOP in its current form is the most dangerous organisation that has ever existed in human history, and the Doomsday Clock (which now also has a climate change factor) has never been so close to midnight, apart from when hydrogen bomb testing, and hysteria of the evils of communism and socialism were awash in the USA of the 1950s.


Neoliberalism has worked its wicked ways into politics and economics, and poisoned them. In a system of bought elections Trump is the logical outcome of this system. It is my belief that we are witnessing the slow death of neoliberalism, there is much turbulence, but the headway made by Jeremy Corbyn’s vision makes it clear that people here are fed up with the politics of the past 35 to 40 years, and the problems it has caused to society, and they long, with hope, for something better and kinder. Conservatives, Thatcherism, Blatcherism, they have run their course, and have run out of ideas. That Jacob Rees-Mogg is even being mentioned as a possible Conservative leader indicates just how ridiculous the Conservatives have become, or Lord Lawson’s factually incorrect climate change denial rant on BBC Radio 4, that was promptly torn apart by scientists. Can the Conservatives judgement ever be trusted again? I think not, and my gut reaction as the result of the EU referendum was announced that Brexit would break the Conservatives. This is becoming more likely with every week that passes. In time politics and economics will slowly emerge of the sort where people and the environments they live in actually matter.

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There is usually a tune going around my head. This week it is The Who’s ‘We won’t get fooled again’. The trouble is, we all too easily get fooled again. Just read history.

I have never quite understood the concept of the ‘American Dream’. This is partly because whatever the dream might be for some, it is clearly a nightmare for others. Look, for example, at the statistics for gun crime, health inequalities and the gulf between the rich and poor. Land of the free and home of the brave? I wish.

But, lest it appear that prejudice should filter a much wider reality, it is indisputable that if you can succeed in the USA, you will understand freedom differently from those who fail.

What is more important this week is not arguments about the fulfilment or otherwise of the great American Promise (rooted in a narrative of Exodus-related exceptionalism)…

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